black drawing salve
black salve
Black Drawing Salve

Black Drawing Salve

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Black drawing salve is a folk remedy that has been used by the Amish community for many generations to aid in drawing out splinters and for other infectious skin ailments and minor irritations.

Our black salve recipe includes activated charcoal as well as organic essential oils that have been carefully chosen for their reported benefits to the skin going back in time to traditional medical remedies.

The one ounce tin is the perfect size to keep in a cabinet alongside your first aid supplies or to carry with you in a hiking backpack for trips into the wilderness!

* 1oz Black Drawing Salve
* Perfect size for home, on the go or travel
* Use to remove splinters or soothe minor skin irritations as needed
* Ingredients include activated charcoal, Plantain, bentonite, and Calendula 

The main ingredient is activated charcoal (which gives it the black color), this is commonly used in hospital Emergency Rooms to bind toxins in cases of accidental poisoning or overdose. Activated charcoal has many uses in traditional medicine and is often used as a skin poultice. Other ingredients include Zeolite which is a natural volcanic material, absorbent Bentonite clay, soothing Plantain, nourishing Comfrey and moisturizing Calendula. The salve has a pleasant natural scent.

All of the herbal ingredients are organically cultivated or wild harvested and then infused right here on our farm. Herbs are infused in organic extra virgin olive oil using either a solar method (for leaves) or a slow heat infusion process (for roots). The ingredients are blended and combined with beeswax from our own hives to produce a wonderfully soothing multi-purpose salve for all kinds of minor skin troubles.


For external use only! Test on a small patch of skin before first use. For splinters: apply liberally and cover affected area with a bandage for 8-12 hours. For other uses: apply as needed to soothe the skin.

calendula, plantain, activated charcoal, zeolite, bentonite clay, rosemary, lavender, bergamot, beeswax, evoo, coconut oil, vitamin E

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