I'm Michelle, creatrix and bee whisperer behind this humble handmade businesss that I dreamed up on a balmy Appalachian summer evening called Heartnectar. I am deeply passionate about many things in life including my three wonderful children, our family's organic permaculture focused farm, raising awareness of the benefits of herbal medicine, and being a steward to our local pollinator species. Most of all, I am committed to lighting up the world, one candle at a time.

In addition to farming, running a business, and pouring my heart out to kids and honeybees, I teach gardening and natural science at a local elementary school, act as a mentor in a wilderness skills program, and teach herbalism at one of Asheville's herbal medicine schools. Even though juggling all of these endeavors can be exhausting, a wise poet, David Whyte once said that the antidote is whole-heartedness. Through this, I am sustained in my commitment to our gloriously abundant planet and the people who call it home.

My journey into beekeeping was birthed through my love affair with wild and cultivated medicinal plants which ultimately brought my attention to the plight of our local pollinator species. I felt compelled to get personally involved and so I began raising bees and began crafting herbal skincare products and pure beeswax candles to make earth friendly, beefluent products available to the public.

Heartnectar is not just the name of my shop, it is also of a way of life that embodies a commitment to loving kindness and radical compassion. This intention came to me eight years before my journey with honeybees and long before my business came into existence! It signifies a nurturing embrace to all living beings and perfectly fits with the ethos of the shop that would eventually come to bear the name. Heartnectar's candles and skincare products are not only beautiful and useful, they are also created to transfer positivity and healing to each customer.

When pouring and dipping the wax, I hold the sacred intention that the candle will bring a joyous and brilliant warmth to the people and spaces into which the candle brings its light. And so it is....

With heartfelt gratitude,