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Prism Beeswax Candle | 3x2"

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This prismatic beeswax candle offers a modern twist to illuminating your sacred space, measuring 3" tall by 2" wide and lends an optimum quality burn for approximately 20 hours.

Using wax that's been produced by our own happy bees, plus those from other regional apiaries when demand requires, we carefully hand pour each candle and then add a 100% cotton, lead-free wick, which gives an even and clean burn. The color of the beeswax is entirely dependent on the types of flowers that were foraged by the bees, as well as where the wax was used in the hives, thus the golden color of the candles will differ slightly. Our beeswax candles are completely natural and do not produce toxic by-products or heavy soot.

Please note that over time, pure beeswax develops a white powdery fog on the surface of the wax know as a 'bloom'. This is simply a natural occurrence of the wax and is easily buffed away with a damp cloth, renewing the golden sheen.

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